The circumstance of the space gives the very tough condition to the satellites which should work from 120 ℃ on light side to -80 ℃ on the shadow side. Satellites can get electric power for operation through the solar panels, however it has limited fuel capacity which is used for changing the orbit for commissioning.  With this reason, the size and weight of satellite should be minimized to perform the mission as long as possible with the initial fuel supply.

The satellite insulation technology has been developed according to these requirements.

Hinend’s satellite insulation technology has been initiated with ASTRIUM (now AIRBUS) in Europe in 2002. Now Hinend has established its own systems for design, manufacturing, training and certification.

Since started for the satellite insulation field in 2000, Hinend has possessing two satellite insulation technicians and has been training more technicians through the self-certified program.

Certificate granted by ASTRIUM in 2002

In 2018, Hinend built its own clean room for insulation production and actively have been participated in the government and private projects.


MLI designed and manufactured for OBC of NEXTSat-1 FM module

MPI mass-produced in 2018 and applied to U company semiconductor process chiller


Hinend’s insulation technology has been applied to other fields as well as the satellite insulation.

Hinend developed the industrial insulation technology which based on the satellite insulation technology in 2014, and achieved the concerning patent in September 2014.

As a result, Hinend has been providing the MPI (Multi-purpose Polymer Insulation), which is easy to handle and has high performance to the semiconductor application field.


President / Ph.D. Hwang Seung-sik



2019년 November 1일

(AP19-1 Project) Delivery of MLI for satellite ground test

2019년 August 1일

(SI18-2 project) Delivery and installation of MLI for ground test of civil satellite payload for export

2019년 July 1일

(SI18-1 project) MLI for ground test of civil satellite payload for export

2018년 November 1일

Opened a clean room for the manufacture of satellite insulation

2018년 January 1일

Mass production of industrial insulation MPI

2017년 February 1일

Daelim Corporation MOU agreement (localization of artificial satellite material)

2016년 August 1일

Gachon University Family Company Agreement

2016년 June 1일

(AP16-2 project) Delivery and installation of MLI for ground test of satellite payload

2016년 June 1일

Launched satellite insulation technology certification system

2016년 March 1일

Established industrial heat control research institute

2016년 February 1일

(AP16-1 Project) NEXTSat-1 OBC FM MLI Delivery

2014년 December 1일

Selected as Seoul Rising-Star company in 2015

2014년 November 1일

Factory establishment

2014년 October 1일

Kookmin University family company agreement

2014년 September 1일

Acquired patent for insulation material using satellite insulation technology

2014년 July 1일

Developed insulation using satellite insulation technology

2013년 November 1일

Venture Business Certification

2013년 September 2일

Acquired R & D Dept. of Korea Industrial Technology Association

2012년 June 1일

Established HINEND Co., Ltd.