Composite Multi-Layer Insulation

To make satellite insulation, you must have a certificate of qualification for each job. There are two ways to obtain a credential. One is to obtain a credential certificate for each satellite program, trained by an instructor who can give you a credential, and then sign the credential to design or build on that satellite program. The other is to obtain a qualification certificate for the job through an internationally recognized educational institution. In this case, you will be eligible for two or three years, depending on your business, and you will be able to design or build regardless of the satellite program. Hinend holds such qualifications, and has the skills and manpower to participate in satellite programs at any time to manufacture and install insulation. Recently, we have delivered the OBC FM MLI for the Next Generation Small Satellite 1 (NEXTSat-1) program, and participated in the KOMPSAT-6 program to design, build and mount the DLS STM MLI.